Tuesday, August 18, 2015

San Antonio

I am in San Antonio for training this week. I got here at around 11:30 yesterday morning. After a small nap I met up with some friends an we headed out for lunch! Our hotel is downtown right on the River Walk so we headed out there.. It was gorgeous!! Very warm though a lady told us that the natives are cold as they are used to 114 an it was in the mid 90s:) here are some pictures.

My hotel!
And my morning coffee!!

Monday, August 10, 2015


Just discovered these books!! Where have I been the last couple years? Dorcas writes about life in Oregon from a Mennonite perspective:) very good! She has a wonderful sense of humor, now those of u that weren't raised Amish or Mennonite, will u get all the subtle jokes or not?? I don't know.. But oh my!! I have laughed myself silly!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's the Star Edition..

And it's cute!!!

Elna came out with about 3 or 4 new machines a couple months ago.. An one of those was this little half size machine. Now personally, I really hate small machines.. Doesn't mean I don't sell them:) But for the type of sewing I do I get grouchy when I don't have enough space.. An honestly, 95% of those machines are flimsy, an I really shy away from even stocking them... So I was a bit annoyed when the sales rep insisted we get this machine.. They came a couple days later an I turned up my nose an let them sit in the hallway for a couple days. Dad finally got it out of the box an set it on my counter, I walked in a couple minutes later, thought.. Wow.. That's a nice looking machine!! It's cute an so tiny! Now why can't they make "good" machines like that!! I walked over... Picked it up an promptly set it down in bewilderment!!! Huh!!! That thing is heavy!!! Now.. In the sewing machine world.. Heavy is GOOD!!! If u have a light machine, two things.. 

1. It's gonna bounce everywhere!!! An I like to sew fast!

2. I can guarantee you that, A. The inside frame is junk, or B. There IS no interior frame!! An that's bad news, think brands like....... Well.. You know.. Those box store brands... Uh huh! I am a sewing machine snob!!! 

Now ya'll are thinking.. Wait a minute.. This thing is travel size... But heavy.. Now how am I supposed to put my carry on in the overhead compartment with the Star in it?? Ummm.. Maybe u shud pack less clothes??? Or.. Go lift weights!! Just kidding!! It's not that heavy:) 

But it can weigh a ton.. An the proof is still in the pudding, er, sewing...an honestly!!! It sews like a dream!! Very smooth, purrs like a cat with cream on its whiskers! 
The Star is computerized.. Has 19 stitches.. Speed control... Free arm.. Up an Down needle... Start/Stop button..Just a handy dandy machine to have around... Oh an five year warranty.. An five years free service

An I am going to give one away for free!! Yup!! Sewing machine giveaway!!! What do you have to do?? Well you can comment!! I would love to hear from you guys!! But I won't give you the machine.. See there is a catch! If you buy our Elna 730 or Elna Haute Couture.. I will give you a Star free!! So you can leave your big machine at home in its place of honor an take the Star to class.. Quilt retreat!! You name it!! 

I am going to try to convince my Dad to let me take it with me when I got to San Antonio in a couple weeks for training.. I will let you know what my thoughts are about the machine after I have used it for awhile.. They most likely won't change.. But will tell u..

Oh an husbands!! You can finally give your wife the "Stars".. If you get two that is....

This offer is only good while supplies last...

Friday, July 17, 2015

Zipper pouches

I love zipper pouches.. In any shape, size, or color.. These two are probably my favorite yet...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hello... Hello.. Are you all there??? I am still here!! For the last 5 weeks I have been experiencing the hot sun, sparkling brown eyes, sweet smiles and bumpy roads of Haiti!

I have had brown hands clinging to my skirt, sweet voices wondering what my name is! I have sat in their mud huts, eaten their food (and loved it), chased chickens out of the yard, taken cold showers, sat in their church services and clapped along to their French and Creole songs! I held babies and asked the children "what is that in Creole". I shook work hardened hands, I went shopping in their markets (and held my nose), learned to watched out for cycles on the packed streets. I discovered that you greet people when you are walking, that the mangos here in the states are a poor imitation of the haitian ones, same with the coke! I realized that while I wanted a nice tan and a few pounds lost, the ladies there wanted lighter skin and a few pounds gained. I learned to sleep through market trucks honking, goats bleating, children crying, ladies calling across the valley to each other, the clanking of water buckets all at 5:30 in the morning. And through it all I realized they are a proud people in need of a Lord and Saviour.. just like us Americans! We really aren't that much different! Us privileged Americans just have a higher standard of living, that doesn't mean we are happier then most Haitians!

I flew into Columbus last night and my family was there to pick me up.. so I come home.. walk into our carpeted house!!!!! I am exhausted, crawl into my nice soft bed, snuggle underneath covers, cause its freezing here!!! Prepared to sleep until way late this morning.. and discovered I couldn't sleep.. it was tooooo quiet:) Oh dear...so now to get used to a new normal!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Home is where..

....coffee is!!!

I used this saying on a pillow recently then I made it smaller an embroidered it in white on black fabric...so it looks like chalk art:) needless to say it turned out very cute:) I put it on my shelf above the sewing machine an the other day a lady comes into the shop an wondered where I bought that:) I told her I made it an she didn't believe it till I got it down an showed her it was embroidered! She promptly ordered a couple for herself:) Here is the original with the unframed ones...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

First campfire of the season

After a long winter it seems spring is finally here...we went to a friends house last night an spend the evening around the fire ring... What fun!!!!